Reinventing personal safety & security for the people we love

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Safety At Your Fingertips

How do your loved ones stay safe? Pepper spray? Stun gun? Whistle?

Personal safety is stuck in the 20th century, but Rally is doing something about it with our wearable safety button and mobile app.

We are protecting our homes with state of the art 21st-century technology, and now, finally, we are bringing some of that technology to personal safety, with Rally.

Wearable, On-Demand Bluetooth

Alert friends and family, 911 emergency services, and other members on the Rally app in your area, whether you know them or not, in your time of need.

Safety At Your Fingertips

One quick tap and help is on the way

Simple. Elegant. Safe.

Rally can help with grip while texting or use the built in ring for getting that perfect selfie.

A Color For Any Style

Rally is available in three classic styles. Rose Gold, Black, and White.

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Watch how Rally works.

We believe Rally is the most advanced personal safety system ever developed and we created a short video to help show why.

Safety on the go.

Rally was designed to help in a wide range of safety-related situations. We combined powerful, on-demand GPS technology with the tried and tested methodology of safety in numbers to create a crowdsourced solution to sexual assault, rape, and much more. The Rally wearable button and mobile app have many dynamic features that make it the most advanced personal safety system available.

Safety at your fingertips.

Rally is a wearable Bluetooth button and mobile app that protects our loved ones from sexual assault, rape, injury, and much more.

Safety fast.

Rally uses powerful on-demand technology to create safety communities and get users help immediately. Similarly to ride-share apps, Rally searches for other users nearby whether they know each other or not, to get help fast. Rally can also call on pre-selected friends and family and 911 emergency responders.

Mobile app features.

The Rally safety features were created by industry leading security experts with military special operations and celebrity bodyguard experience. We know Rally will save lives because that's what we have dedicated our lives to doing.

Functional Bluetooth wearable.

We designed the Rally wearable to fit our users lifestyles. Our favorite way to use Rally is with our phone case attachment that can also be used as a ring phone grip and phone stand. Rally can detach from the case and get clipped to cloths, bags, and other accessories. Our final wearable capability is with the small eyelet that can put on keychains or necklaces.

Who we are helping

Rally is for everyone. The beauty of Rally is that it builds communities of people that want to help each other, so even if you don’t use Rally for your own safety, download the app and respond when someone else needs help.

Official development support by Geometricbox

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Safer Together

calling all u.t. dallas students!

The Rally for Safety system is changing safety on campus forever. UT Dallas students can sign up with their utdallas.edu email and get a free wearable and access to our premium mobile app.