Rally is a wearable panic button that notifies your family and friends, the Rally community, and even 911-emergency services when you’re in trouble.

Preventative and Proactive.

You decide who’s notified when you press the Rally Button. You can even change your settings to meet your schedule. Out at a party with girlfriends? Discretely ask for help with Rally. Walking home late at night from the library? Ask a Rally Ally to walk with you. Headed out of town on a trip? Turn on the 911 feature. Rally is built to work with your life.

Discrete and Easy to Wear

The Rally Button is discrete and only 1-inch in size. It can be attached to your phone, clothes or any accessory. Unlike safety jewelry, it won’t clash with an outfit or accidently be left behind. It’s so small that no one will notice you pressing the Button. The rapid sequence to activate makes false alarms negligible, all while making it easy to use.

Check-In Features

The Rally check-in features fight back against date rape, incapacitation, over-intoxication, and any other time you aren’t able to activate Rally yourself. Simple set a check-in with yourself or allow someone else to check-in with you and if you are unable to respond, Rally will call for help for you.

Safety. Function. Style

Learn about our mission and why we are building safer communities.

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