The Rally for Safety wearble button is how users activate the safety alerting features in the Rally mobile app. In moments of panic or danger it us unrealistic and unlikely a user will be able to unlock their phone, find & open their app, and activate their safety networks. That is why Rally but the powerful alerting technology into a small, wearable, Bluetooth button. Rally can be attached to the back of the phone and double as a ring grip and phone stand or removed from it's carrier and attached to a keychain, necklace, backpag, or bag. We wanted to create something discrete and convienient so all users would be comfortable keeping their Rally button on themselves at all times.

Rally for Safety Bluetooth Wearable

SKU: R002
  • For returns or exchanges for damaged buttons, please email the Rally team on our contact page. A team member will respond as quickly as possible and help resolve the issue.

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