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Your Voice. Your Safety.

Rally For Safety

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In our pursuit of a safer world, it's our shared responsibility as a community to stand united. Now is the moment for us to come together.

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What is Rally For Safety?

Where Communities Unite For A Safer World.

We're your 24/7 emergency response and safety net, connecting you to a vigilant network of personal contacts, fellow app members nearby, and our emergency response pros who can talk, text, and dispatch 911 to your location. Rally ensures immediate help when you need it most, making personal safety a shared mission. Join the Rally today and redefine the way we protect each other.

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Download the Rally For Safety app and start living in the safer world we deserve.

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24/7 Emergency Help


Walking alone to your car at night

Sexual/Domestic Assualt

Night out with friends

More Than Just An Emergency App.

When should I use Rally?

Rally embodies a proactive approach to safety, empowering you to use our app in any situation, regardless of its scale. We're here to support you, whether it's a minor discomfort or a major concern because your safety and peace of mind matter most.

The Rally App

The Rally mobile app was designed to build large communities of "Guardians," so when we are in a moment of need, someone will be there to help.

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Hotline Consultant

24/7 Professional Monitoring

At Rally, our 24/7 monitoring is your constant safety companion. Our dedicated team of professional emergency response experts is available every day of the year, ready to assist with any situation, whether it's a comforting chat during a late-night walk to your car or a critical intervention in a threatening scenario. Our experts will engage with you via text or call, ensuring your safety until you're secure. If the situation escalates to the point of requiring immediate assistance, they will swiftly coordinate with 911 to get help to you without delay.

Hands-Free & Back-Tap

Activating a Rally alert is designed for both convenience and peace of mind. You have three intuitive options at your fingertips. For the quickest response, simply use Siri commands, effortlessly summoning Rally when you need it most. Alternatively, you can tap the Rally icon within the app for immediate access. We've also harnessed the innovative back tap feature on your iPhone, ensuring quick activation without accidental alerts. At Rally, we understand the importance of striking a balance between readily accessible assistance and avoiding unintentional calls for help, and our diverse activation options provide just that.

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