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An on-demand personal safety network. Rally connects users in potentially dangerous situations with members of the community and our emergency monitoring professionals to send help in seconds. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe with the most powerful mobile safety system ever built.

Safety at your fingertips

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Rally For Safety

Why is it that we protect our homes with expensive, state of the art technology, but still live in the 20th century when it comes to personal safety outside of the home?

Nothing is more important than keeping our loved ones safe, especially when we can't be there to help.


Rally is making that possible with our wearable Bluetooth button and on-demand, GPS alerting mobile app.


Set Your Safety Circles

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Tap Three times

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Nearby Allies Are Alerted

Help Arrives Quickly

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Our wearable Bluetooth beacon puts life-saving help at your fingertips.

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"check-in" alerts keep you safe in situations ranging from morning jogs to walking through a dark parking lot.

Get help in seconds to stop violent attacks in their tracks.

Emergency monitoring pros will call or text with you in any situation, not just emergencies.

Rally is an on-demand community on a mission to make the world a safer place.


With Rally, safety is always just around the corner.


Rally App

The Rally mobile app uses powerful on-demand GPS technology to get users the help they need, fast.

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Our community is made up of ordinary everyday people that are willing to do whatever it takes to live in a safer world. Folks can download the app, for free, and join our community even if they don't plan on using Rally for their safety. Just sign up and respond when a fellow user asks for help.


The beautiful thing about creating a community response feature is it not only gives us faster response times, but it also starts to change the culture. A culture of indifference that is a leading cause for attacks, especially on college campuses.

Rally Community

Rally Wearable

The Rally wearable button was designed to always be at your fingertips but never in the way.

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Rally Safety Circles

Rally safety circles are completely customizable based on the users comfort level and situation. We encourage users to ask for help long before a situation turns dangerous, which means not every situation will require police involvement. That's why our community includes three responder groups.

Whether you need help getting out of a bad first date or something more serious; Rally  has you covered by sending pre-selected contacts a GPS alert.

Friends & Family


Rally offers our professionally trained 911 monitors 24/7/365. No matter what the situation or time of day, our team is there for you.

911 Monitoring


When you call on the Rally community we send  a GPS alert to other members on the app, whether you know them or not, to get you help fast.


Group and Institution

Pricing Available