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A Circle Of Defense

Rally for Enterprises

Millions of dollars are spent every year keeping our business's intellectual property safe, but what are we doing to keep our most valuable assets, our people, safe?

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Turn your business or campus into a community of responders that can get to an incident in seconds and stop it before it goes too far.

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Your people will have access to all premium features in the Rally mobile app, such as our 24/7 emergency monitoring team, safety check-in messaging, and direct communications to your security or police force.

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Get real-time GPS alerts and updates sent to your customized web portal so you can identify where violence is happening and send help immediately. 

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Direct two-way communication with all of your people during an emergency.

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Access critical data to better understand your safety landscape, adhere to federal regulations, and more efficiently deploy your resources.

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Students and employees can anonymously report directly to leaders who have access to the web portal. They have the freedom to safely report incidents, areas that need additional security/lighting, and anything else safety-related.

Universities & Business's


20-25 percent of women in college are the victims of forced sex.


5 students die per minute during an active shooter event.

Americans experience workplace violence every year.


1 lists active shooter response as the number 1 issue facing police in 2019.


Percentage of parents that list campus safety as their #1 factor in choosing a college according to


Americans die every year during workplace violence incidents.

Rally Enterprise For Campuses and Institutions 

Our enterprise offering gives campuses, school systems, and companies, the ability to buy the Rally system for all of their people.

Our comprehensive safety system includes the Rally for Students (sexual assault & rape prevention) and the ASN (active shooter network) to create a circle of defense around our clients and their people.




The Rally Enterprise System

The Rally For Safety mission is to build a safer world for our communities and give institutions the power and tools to keep their people safe.

The Rally wearable gives users a convenient and discreet way to connect with their safety circles and get help before they find themselves in an emergency situation.

The Rally administrative panel gives institutions the ability to monitor and react to safety incidents in real-time, grow their safety procedures, and create an overall environment that is dedicated to keeping their people safe. 

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Current Solutions Aren't Working

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More than 90% of activations were either hang-ups or prank calls." Melissa Zac CU Boulder Chief of Police

Failed Blue Safety Lights


More than 90% of activations were either hang-ups or prank calls." Melissa Zac CU Boulder Chief of Police


On average, a large campus has spent over $1,000,000.00 on their blue light system. A single blue safety light can cost up to $12,500.00.


The blue light system requires users to be within arms reach to get help. The static nature of the machine is a major factor in its failure as a system.

Rally For Students

We will equip all your people with our wearable button and mobile app that provides protection against sexual assault, rape, injury, and much more. We use an online community and safety data collected through the app to help institutions build a culture of safety.



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Saving a Life is Measured in Seconds

Let the Rally team show you how we save lives through connectivity. /  Tel. 916.225.6455

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