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Mike Murphy, CEO

We created this platform with our moms and sisters in mind. Empowering their safety through connectivity led us to create Rally, to help our users feel comfortable leaning on each other to limit risks and ward off dangerous behavior.

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Chris Espe, CSO

The need to be connected to each other in the face of danger has never been more necessary. Safety is at the core of our personal and corporate mission, helping the individual user alert their contacts and the authorities, should they sense danger.

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Cate Diaz,
Senior Advisor

I want to be part of a world that doesn't consider safety a privilege or an obligation. It is simply something we deserve. 

Working on the Rally team means creating and implementing the vision for an era where we can be our own champions of personal safety.

The Story.

One night while working private security in Los Angeles, Mike Murphy received a phone call. His mom asked him to talk on the phone as she left the office and walked to her car in the 9 pm darkness. She said it was "just in case."


Mike was glad she called him and was proactive about her safety, though he realized there was little he could do to help if the situation became unsafe.


At that moment, he vowed to create a modern solution to a problem that millions of people face every day.

The Mission.

Just like you, we want our community to be a safe one. We hear it called out on television, read it in news articles, and see it on the street. The Rally for Safety team vows to answer that call. Our mission is to provide on-demand safety for our family members, friends, partners, and citizens. 


Safety for all, at the touch of a button.

Our first order of business is a tall one - eliminate rape, sexual assault, and shootings on college campuses. By creating Rally Enterprise & Rally Active Shooter, we are taking steps to empower students, staff, and campus PD with both reactive and proactive built-in safety measures.

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